Duties of the Univerisity Grants Commission (UGC)

to Prevent Ragging

(AS PER UGC REGULATIONS ON CURBING THE MENACE OF RAGGING IN HIGHER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS, 2009. To help students and parents benefit from the 24 page tedious regulations document, SAVE has provided the gist and the summary of the document below. SAVE recommends all the freshers and their parents to go through this page in detail, and file RTIs even before (or after) the joining to ensure that the UGC has fully complied with the Anti-Ragging measures. Some sample RTI applications are posted at SAVE’s website www.no2ragging.org.)




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1) The Commission to verify that the institutions strictly comply with the requirement of getting the affidavits from the students and their parents/guardians as envisaged under these Regulations.

2) The Commission to make it mandatory for the institutions to incorporate in their prospectus, the anti-ragging directions of the Central Government or the State Level Monitoring Committee

3) The Commission to maintain an appropriate data base to be created out of affidavits, and such database to also function as a record of ragging complaints received, and the status of the action taken thereon.

4) The Commission shall make available the database to a non-governmental agency

5) The Commission to include a specific condition in the Utilization Certificate, in respect of any financial assistance or grants-in-aid to any institution, that the institution has complied with the anti-ragging measures.

6) The Commission to constitute an Inter-Council Committee to coordinate and monitor the anti-ragging measures in institutions across the country.

7) The Commission to institute an Anti-Ragging Cell within the Commission to provide secretarial support for collection of information and monitoring, and to coordinate with the State Level Monitoring Cell and University level Committees for effective implementation of anti-ragging measures


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