A victim (Name withheld) who lost his limbs because of ragging

Ragging caused this ! ! !

Photo & News : BBC News

What is Ragging ?

In the name of introduction or initiation, millions of students are brutally abused in many educational institutions. Historically originated, probably, to generate fellow-feelings, camaraderie and the ability to work in a team, it has metamorphosed to a blood sucking vampire!

Teenagers entering those colleges (and now even in some schools) are physically, mentally and often sexually (heterosexually and homosexually) abused. They are often subjected to tortures comparable to the sufferings of the victims of Nazi Holocausts... except the gas chambers!    Deaths, suicides and homicides, are however not uncommon.

Newspapers report 10-14 deaths every year, in India, with a peak of 19. However, records from the National Crime Records Bureau shows alarmingly high number (5702) of suicides among students of the concerned age group in their report, in comparison with the younger (1410) and the older (208) age groups. This data is for 2010 alone. It is not known how many of the 5702 suicides are the outcomes of Ragging.

 [ UGC definition of ragging]

Very Important to Note


Leading English daily (Indian), the Telegraph reported (on Oct 17, 20011) that about one lakh students call the helpline, every month, to report a case of ragging. The report states that only a few of them get any response.

[Read the shocking report at their website -  NO HELP AT HAND ]


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