An appeal

Who we are

AmitThe Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) is a Non-Profit organization working for the eradication of "ragging" from educational institutions.
It is run mainly by young professionals and students, who volunteer for the cause, over and above their regular jobs and/or studies.

The team is a diverse mix of people from different parts of the country (India) and from different academic/professional backgrounds.

This includes - 
  • IIT-ians,
  • other engineers,
  • lawyers,
  • doctors,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • freelancers,
  • filmmakers,
  • experts in martial arts,

  • students from various professional and general courses - from across the country.

But like the country, the diversity is united - united by the common commitment to make education 'Ragging-Free' !

No member of the core team had previously been known to anyone else there!
The cause has brought us together and has made us a family.

We dream of the society, where students can learn with fun and not with fear...
...where dreams only come and no nightmare!


The Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE) is an impartial, neutral and independent, non-profit organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of students in educational institutions and to provide the victims of 'ragging' with assistance and also to facilitate the eradication of ragging from educational institutions through awareness, advocacy, research and such other avenues.

It works towards the creation of an environment where students can learn with fun and not with fear. It directs its efforts towards elimination of violence and abuses on innocent freshers while promoting peace and harmony among the senior and the juniors students in academic institutions.

There are many people, in various places, who individually want to "do something" to stop ragging.

But isolated voices are often hushed up or are mocked at.

SAVE was created to unify the voices against ragging... provide a common platform to the isolated, individual activists so that an organized, non-violent, civil society movement can be raised to address the issue.

- Dr. Kushal Banerjee, C0-founder.