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Training & Internships in SAVE

Internships are currently available at:
  • Delhi NCR
  • Kolkata (metropolitan area), W.B.

  • Interns are usually supervised by a very senior/experienced activist. The activists are voluntarily associated with this cause, without any financial compensation.
  • At present, it is not be possible to provide any monetary compensation (stipend or whatsoever) to the intern, as well.

Examples of institutions from where students  have successfully completed their internships with us:
  • Symbiosis Centre for Media & Communication (SCMC), Pune
  • Symbiosis, Noida
  • I.P. University, Delhi

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You may receive an automated email after submission of the online application. Submission of the application (or this automated email) does not guarantee acceptance of the intern / present availability at the preferred location.
Applications are manually reviewed and applicants are usually contacted through email.
If you do not receive any communication from us, please feel free to contact us.

For any relevant query you may send an email to

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Other Training

A group of students from the Loyola College, Chennai participated in an event at Kalyani, West Bengal, as part of their training programme.