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Some testimonials : tales of success!

Whether people are able to see the change or not ,unlike other organisation the changes are not temporary but permanent as the students know that there is a ngo which will stand in every thick and thin of the people and without any fear in mind and heart the people will be able to convey and take help in their problems. Mostly during the programme or day after it any noticable change is not observed but the next time when any student would be ragged others would stand united in fighting against it as now they know someone is there for them.
- Ayush Ranjan, 1st year student who joined Team SAVE during SAVE's visit to his college.

        Received through Email - Dec,2016.
        Sub : "Re: Regarding Ragging Complaint"
Dear Sir/Madam,
After detail enquiry, those culprits were identified and produced in the college office after getting complain from National anti Ragging Cell, VC Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Medical Council of India, Commissioner of Police Bangalore and most importantly from SAVE. Now it depends on college authority how to take action. We, the freshers are so happy now as the whole college campus is very cool and no harassment of students are going on. I, on behalf of all my classmates ,thanking your team for you support against ragging.
 We wish a good development of SAVE and other anti ragging teams and their members a very prosperous journey on supporting students grievances.

Thanking you and your team,

Case No. KA-3136 [Ref. No. of National (UGC) Anti-Ragging Helpline]

        Received through Email -  Dec,2016.
        Sub : "VCSG Medical College Ragging Reply"
...I am glad that after your email to principal, ragging has been suddenly stopped.
Our college took this warning very seriously and i am glad that everything is quiet good now.
...Thank You for you so so precious time sir, i dont know how to Thank you and this organisation , I am glad that we were able save all the students studying here and who will further come to this institution.

Thank you very very much sir.
I will be highly indebted to No2Ragging.

... SAVE NGO do have their activists actively helping the victims in a city like Delhi, so why not utilize their potential. Apart from this, SAVE have a legal lethal weapon like Meera Kaura Patel, who is well-qualified in fetching Justice to the sufferers. Also, SAVE actively pursues Ragging cases by highlighting them via dispatching 100 copies of your Ragging complaint to the Education[] Minister per day/ per week/ per month, contacting the Ministry directly, approaching well-known Human Right's Activists to back you, filing RTIs with your College authorities, requesting Supreme Court's intervention in the terror metted out at you by your tormentors etc. etc.

Its already been a high time, as I see, since you suffering like an outcast[] at the hands of some iron-handed authorities, who have supported your tormentors and allowed to unleash the worst kind of terror you never exposed to. Remember: the more you succumb the more deep they will inflict.

I do hope to see Justice at your doorstep within a few days after you approach SAVE, especially Ms. Patel, who has been active running from pillar to post to get Indian Govt enact a National AntiRagging legislation.

Honestly, I have no deal with them or you but felt to spare some time from my busy schedule since this is all I can do as a Citizen wishing to see the flame of Justice delivered to every Indian citizen irrespective of their caste, creed, Religion or social status.


- Some Mr. Vineet Menon wrote to the 'victim'/complainant in Case No. DL-1763 [Ref. No. of National (UGC) Anti-Ragging Helpline]

…after the complaint send by SAVE to our principal has changed everything, neither we go to the place called ''block'' where the seniors beat us in the morning no they do anything to us in the college campus. We sent the copy of F.I.R. to the raggers and current juniors through facebook by making fake id. The college administration also showing strictness towards… Once again thank you SAVE.

We are extremely happy to say that they have taken the steps what all we expected. Today morning itself they allotted a professor in our bus. And also in canteen, they divided separately for first years. And even in the evening we are accompanied safely by the staffs. We are extremely thankful and grateful for SAVE as we didn’t expect such a drastic change!

After your last message, things have changed significantly. There are frequent patrols going on during the classes. This has helped the freshers to be saved significantly…Thanks again for taking steps to help us out.”

 Hello SAVE
[M]y seniors who was ragging me has been expelled out from hostel. [N]ow  finally all this torture have come to an end as the seniors have got punishment for all they have done to me. [I]t was not easy for me to make all this happen.without your support [I] could not even dare to complain this matter to anti ragging helpline.
[I] still remember the day when i was very scared of seniors. [I] was crying due to the continous torture [I]  was facing because of my seniors. [I]  was totally broken. [I] was very hopeless and [I] was in a mental trauma.
[I] searched on google for help and [I] came to know about you. [Y]our website is very informative.
[W]ithout you people [I]  would not get the right justice. [Y]ou gave me the support to fight with this system. [F]or me and other victims of ragging you are the light of hope. 

[T]hanks sir for your effort , everything [i]s fine now in our department, anti ragging committe[e] comes to our college and, ask us every thing that happen[ed].
[A]nd after that nothing happen[ed] with us [,] seniors t[old] sorry to us and t[old] us that they [will] never do anything like that again. Now we can freely go to the college . [T]hanks a lot sir
Case No. OR-1617 [Ref. No. of National (UGC) Anti-Ragging Helpline]